That depends on a number of factors ie

1.How much available air is left in a container, plastic bag  or bottle?

  1. Is the container being shipped by sea or overland?
  2. Is the product headed to a humid location
  3. Is the product or container being stored for a long period of time?

If the silica gel stored in an air tight container , it can last for several years . The granular silica gel does expire after a certain time period.

Silica gel absorbs up to 25% of its weight with moisture . When that occurs , the silica gel stops absorbing moisture . It can be revitalised by heating the sachet or bulk in the oven at a temp of 60 degrees Celsius for three hours.

No. The silica gel structure is made to absorb moisture but not water.

They both work exactly the same but the indicating silica gel will show when it has absorbed moisture . It will turn from orange to white whereas the non-indicating silica gel remains the same white colour.